It’s Friday!

It’s Friday, and a whole new month!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! With mini celebrations throughout the month, from our youngest daughters birthday, school festivities with a trunk or treat, family time at the pumpkin patch, even squeezed in a date night with the husband (which is very rare!), to a fun filled Halloween night with friends, and all that went on in between I’d say October was pretty busy and hectic but overall a good month😊 This Halloween our girls planned and picked out what they wanted to be from what they would wear to actually picking it out and getting themselves ready. This was the first year for our oldest to not have a full outfit but more of a look and didn’t really want more than that or any of my help to do her makeup (when did she get so big??), they are both growing up so much! All the memories that fill my Facebook from this time from all the years passed it is crazy to see just how small they once were. It makes me miss those years and how hard they were and felt some days at the time but now we have moved into all new challenges and I’m not sure which I prefer 😂 But here we are and here we go and I’ll save more of that fun for a whole other blog! For now here is to a new month, new memories, traditions and more holiday family fun to come! Have a great weekend everyone!

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