Checking in…

When I was a teenager I can remember wanting to be thin but with abs, always chasing the abs, and never really getting close. I look back to see were my mindset was and I knew nothing of health and nutrition. Honestly thought it was mostly about eating less and working out more and that number on the scale. Little did I know nutrition is key to getting and keeping a healthy body. Without the proper foods your body goes into a save all mode when depriving it of food and eating to little. I know now it puts a stress on your body that is unnecessary. I have probably done more harm to my body than good through all of those years. This is seriously something I didn’t catch on and change until my late twenties. I have learned enough now to know that it’s about what you eat, when, and more than about how little. I never counted calories, still don’t, I just try and eat a lot of whole real foods. When I was younger I never knew your body could have bad reactions from dairy or gluten. I would consistently have stomachaches from eating breakfast, lunch and dinner always taking tums to hopefully help. Never putting it together that it could have been what I was eating I was sensitive to until I later gave up dairy for other health concerns, but my diet was based a lot around dairy and gluten, cheese, yogurts, cereals, ice cream, bagels, pretzels, pizza, these were all things I loved eating but ultimately would make me feel horrible after. Maybe it was other reasons or something else at the time, but the longer I stay consistent with good fresh foods the better I have felt. Now it us rare I get an upset stomach and it is such a relief! I have a much better concept of health, nutrition and fitness and have been applying it to my life in a healthier way over these last few years.

I really believe that most of us are always working on something within our own selves. Life always has us working towards something. Lately I’ve been working on myself a lot, mentally and physically, I feel they go hand in hand for me. I’ve always had a drive for fitness and working out and being active is something I really enjoy. A lot of times though I would get to a point where I start allowing my progress to stop right when I’m making good changes for whatever reason, comfort maybe? I am done settling and seeing my progress diminish time and time again, this time I have set goals for myself, it’s no longer thin and abs I’m looking for because I am not a teenager anymore with unrealistic thoughts but a mom who has had 2 kids and being strong and healthy is most important. I’m done with hitting my comfort zone and want to make real progress, and I’m on my way!

This past year I had a lot of my health issues get in the way so to speak and I had to take a big step backward and slow things down. That was hard to accept after all these years to basically start back at square one. Aside from the normal weightlifting and spin/cycle classes I was used to I stepped into more yoga and Pilates classes to help strengthen my core to help strengthen my back. It really helped. I still struggle with some back issues here and there and some arthritis in my hands but I have slowly moved back into weightlifting and HIIT training. Already almost 3 months has gone by since I have stayed consistent in a combination of all the classes now except spin I need to get myself back in there next! I told myself I’m not giving up in the gym about 3 months ago, 11 weeks as I type, and for the most part I have gotten in at least 3 to 4 workouts a week despite the normal life stuff going on that would have normally derailed all my progress for weeks.

I made a point and a promise to myself that if I had to miss a few days(which I did) I would get back in there the day I could. On some days I just kept busy or tried to do a few at home mini workouts I also started a 30 day squat challenge to which I made it to day 23, but continue to do a million squats in the gym classes I take so I’m not going to let it bother me, I ran/walked a 5k and have kept busy. I am most motivated in group gym classes versus walking in and doing my own thing. I feel like I push myself more with the instructors being so motivating throughout the class, and always feel challenged to do my best. I also have a great friend who has been keeping me more accountable by meeting me at the gym whenever possible which has helped tremendously, she has got me in the gym on some days of those days I just don’t want to, but always end up thankful I did go. I never regret a workout, seriously! I always regret most the days I don’t workout.

The one convenience of getting up early to take my kids to school is that I’m so close to my gym that I have no excuse! No more excuses is the name of my game now. Some days though I’m really good at trying to talk myself out of going but I just need to go and I do more often than not. Even on days I’m just so tired I still drive over to the gym get in there, workout and always feeling better when I leave.

I am starting to notice slight changes and hey those abs are actually starting to make an appearance, what!?! 😎 I attribute it to eating right and staying consistent, I’m still a work in progress and always will be really, and I’m not giving up yet, more so checking in here to note just how far I’ve made it so far. I notice I am actually getting more comfortable in my own skin and clothes, and in the classes though they are not getting any easier by any means I am able to do more push ups on my toes and have been able to increase weights gradually, slowly but surely getting stronger! It’s also good on my mind, after a run or a class my day just flows better, I get more accomplished and am generally happier. When I miss just a couple days I start to notice my attitude shift. So overall its good for everyone!

I like to have fun with my girls too when they ask me to open things and I can show them that it is good to be a strong girl and that I can open certain things so much easier because I have muscles πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ They typically laugh and are like yeah yeah, the little things that amuse me so!

So this time I’m pushing beyond my comfort zone and being patient with the time it takes to make the changes. 3 months in now, and I wonder where I will be at in 3 more months….stay tuned…. 😜😎😁

**Anybody else working on some fitness goals?

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