Oh January….


For as long as January felt it sure did slip on by! It felt like it was a forever month but now it’s gone and I made quite a few changes over the course of those long weeks and now its February! I like to note that I don’t wait for January 1st to roll around to make changes that at any time is a good change I just feel the new year for me creates a clean slate so to speak, a time to reflect at things in my life and make changes where needed, and goals to reach. In the passed years I always started it as a time to be healthier or get healthier, I have already made a lot of the changes to my health and try to live a very health focused lifestyle (of course there is always room for improvement) but this year I have a different goal in mind, it is how I spend my time. I want to get things done that I spend to long thinking about, and then procrastinate on doing. Over the past year I started to realize that if I thought about doing something (within reason of course!) and then just did it, it was awesome and I was proud of the project I tackled, errand, task, or workout I got in. When I overthink it is when I get discouraged and the thought never goes anywhere. So January for me was spent adjusting to the changes I wanted to make and I feel like it was a very productive, I followed through with tackling organizing areas of my house, working out, spending quality family time between all our schedules, vet check ups, doctors appointments, juice cleanse and more!

With everything you have to start somewhere and my change started almost 6 months ago now with my commitment to get my workouts in, to stop making excuses and wishing I had worked out and just workout, and I stuck with it and still am! Sure there have been setbacks here and there and someday’s it harder then others but nothing to keep me out for long. With this I realized by setting my mindset in this focus I could use it in other areas of my day. If I can just use my time better, and realizing what I let take up more time then necessary is one thing to take into consideration. I spend a lot time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, the minutes fly by right? I tell myself I’m just gonna check in and then 15 minutes or more and usually more cause who am I kidding goes by and think okay well now I’m less motivated to do anything else and I already wasted said minutes now I don’t have time for whatever it is and the dishes could of been done by now or laundry started….and the cycle repeats! Ugh I’m not the only one that does this right?? So I started setting the social media aside  more and more doing the dishes first or whatever else, and let me tell you I have been able to keep up on stuff most of the time now cause I am managing my time better, little changes make a difference it’s a win win!

Also perfect timing if I do say so myself! With my goals and ideas in mind I was told about the new show that had everyone talking about it, “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo, I was skeptical I admit at first but it was actually motivational in this calming way. I would watch an episode then tackle areas of my house that I had been meaning to for a long while now. I organized kitchen cabinets, bathroom draws and cabinets, the towel cabinet, the front closet, clothing draws, I mean I was inspired and it feels so nice to have some organization, finally! I even got my husband to clean out his closet and freed up so much space and hangers by taking out the things he did not want to or was ever going to wear. I keep tackling areas little by little, realizing what I actually use and getting rid of the stuff that goes untouched feels great. It was a nice added boost to get me to do the things I have been meaning to accomplish and has me keeping up on other things as well that I usually let go for to long.

A Few examples…..

Make up drawer! I no longer have to shuffle through everything, it is so much more organized even though it still looks like there is quite a bit.
The before mountain of husbands clothes, these are only his shirts!
All the newly freed up hangers!

I also jumped on the bandwagon of the celery juice detox, I have heard and read about it a while back and have always been interested in trying it and seeing what it could do for me since I have read so many successful stories. I know its best to juice it yourself and drink it right away but I found a place that has a simple blend and wanted to start there first, so I added celery juice to the start of my day for 5 days and I really enjoyed it, and I noticed most it helped with inflammation in my joints! I tend to get a stiff and swollen finger and each morning it would show signs of starting to be stiff and I would notice it never got worse like it usually does. This came after a 5 day green drink challenge. It’s pretty safe to say I love the green drinks, even when they taste green! For about 28 days almost in a row I have had a green juice or smoothie and I have seen a noticeable change in my skin, its clearer, and I also find myself reaching for healthier foods throughout the day, and definitely find myself craving the green smoothies and juices! My taste buds have changed over the years but I am sure anyone can love these smoothies and drinks, and the benefits will follow! I really liked the fact that it was something I started my day with.

**The celery juice is different and not sweet, the lemon in this juice isn’t strong or noticeable in my opinion, it was a little hard some mornings to get down, but on day 6 when I was done I was actually looking forward to another, I feel like I was just seeing and feeling the benefits so a day later I restocked my celery juice and did another 5 days!

**As for the smoothies I tend to make them more tropical mixing spinach with pineapple, mango’s, and strawberries and banana blended with almond milk, water, coconut water or apple juice, so more sweet then the juices but filling and good!

**Hoping everyone’s January went well and are coasting right along into February! Remember there’s never a right time or day if you are wanting to start or do something just start! Happy 2019 Friends!!

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