Fall Feels

I am starting to feel like its finally fall around here! I know the first day of fall was a little while ago now, but it still felt like summer until recently here. The weather is noticeably changing, mornings are cooler, days not as hot and nights just simply perfect. We have a shift in our area where it starts to be sweaters in the morning, gets to warm for them during the day and back on at night, it’s a little crazy but nice at the same time. The winds take a turn as well which is not so fun, and then occasionally we get a little rain. The days go from the temperatures in the hundreds and nineties to settle in around the seventies and eighties its a warm welcome into fall.

I like fall for all the cozy comforts. The soup season(time to bring out the crock-pot!). It’s that time when you want everything warm. Lets not forget about all the pumpkin spice everything’s! I like sweet things so I look forward to the occasional pumpkin spice lattes, chai lattes, making Coconut Coffee at home(if you haven’t tried this you need to!) making pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, casseroles, and just cooking in the oven without over heating the whole house. I love coffee but it has not always loved me back, so I am more of an occasional coffee drinker cause I still really want to drink it, it’s so good and the smell too is by far one of my favorite scents especially if we have set the coffee to brew at night for the morning and you wake up to the smell of coffee on a cold morning, I just can’t give it up entirely! So I really look forward to it especially in the cooler months.

As much as I love summer I do look forward to the fall, I like to cozy up in sweaters and flannels I’ve found a love for lately. I however do not like being cold, so there needs to be a balance were I’m not still cold wearing my sweater😜Thankfully Southern California doesn’t get very cold, and especially on some fall days you can get by with wearing a sweater, jeans and sandals! Some days though are still too dang cold for me! Also the time change I despise, when its pitch black at 5pm and feels like its time for bed and you still have a ton to do but don’t want to do any of it (it can get downright depressing, am I right!?! or is it just me??). The time where the weather starts to change and before the time change is my favorite part of fall. The weather during the day also makes it more enjoyable to get outside, be more active, take hikes, ride bikes, go for a run(I think more about this running thing more then actually doing but sounds nice right!?!).

I also love to see the little changes in leaves and colors that happen. The pumpkin patches that pop up, we try to make it to at least one but some years we have missed it. Apple picking is by far one of our favorite family activities that has become a tradition in our family, it think we have gone at least one time every year for eleven years! Then Halloween follows and I am not the kind of person that loves to dress myself up or do family matching costumes, I am envious of families that do cause it is always so cute! However, the kids love to dress up and come up with something they want to be and they always look so cute and have a ton of fun! Ever since they were little the kids enjoy passing out candy to others, so we usually head out and trick or treat around a neighborhood for maybe an hour or less and then come back home with plenty of time to pass out candy to any trick or treaters that come our way.

The fall also starts the countdown to all the holidays that follow. First up Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Every year comes quicker then the year before. For now though I’m gonna soak in and embrace this fall weather, make some pumpkin treats with the girls, make some yummy soups, cozy up in a sweater and open the windows to let the cool air in! Happy fall everyone!

**What are some of your favorite fall things and/or traditions?

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