The Almighty Box

So I have a little story to tell. My girls will thank me later for writing and saving this memory for them😉 to look back and laugh one day at how silly they could be.

First off I have to mention and have told many of our friends to watch the movie “This is 40” it is downright hilarious. If you have not seen it I highly recommend it, but not with your kids, it is not kid friendly by any means but in this movie there are two sisters around our kids age and sometimes I swear they sound just like my girls and there insane arguing over nothing. It makes me laugh.

The girls are 9 and 12 right now and have a pretty good sister relationship going. They play together often, and seem to enjoy each others company more often than not. They have little arguments here and there as siblings do, which brings me to my story…

So we recently had to replace a toilet in our house. The new toilet came in a large box. Apparently this box is gold as both the girls just had to have it. Chloe saw it as a good stand for her phone to video from and Katie enjoyed playing inside the box. They were sharing it for what seemed like 5 minutes, Katie had it first, then Chloe was going to use it. Well Chloe had it for a while and Katie was ready to have it back. However Chloe wasn’t ready to give it back, which then led to a giant screaming and crying fight. All over a box! I’m like is this really happening?? Is this real life!? I honestly don’t know how to even help solve this one and tell them to figure it out between the two of them, I’m dumbfounded this is actually a for real serious argument between the two of them and I just can’t and don’t solve all their arguments, they have to learn. This however just results in more crying and arguing over a box…I’m thinking by now this is more a matter of who is going to give in, but they are both trying to hold their ground and neither want to give up said box 😅 The night goes by and it’s time for bed, box issue still rather unsolved.

In the morning it’s time to get ready for school, after the girls are mostly ready the box gets brought up again…Katie wants Chloe to know who asked for it first and it was her, but Chloe claims Katie ran and asked for it after she started to use it for her video stand. So that basically the only reason Katie wanted it was because she saw her sister starting to use it. OMG right now, really!? We are discussing a cardboard box as if it was an iPad or something. Even Chloe keeps saying we are arguing over a box can we just stop now, but still upset that Katie won’t give up the box. So now I have to chime in with we can just toss it in the recycle and it will be gone (which will probably happen in about 2 days when they are over said box). My conclusion for them is to have Chloe use something else to stand her videoing equipment on and let her sister play in the box. Whew! Not quite what Chloe wanted to hear, but maybe they will figure out how to share it or not whatever this is silly! 🤣 They are not 2 and 5 anymore which I feel like this would be an issue then and not now, no wonder why some days I feel so much crazier then others with this silliness the kids put me through. To figure out who gets a dang box, who would of thought!? Just another day in the life of our family 😂

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