Summer Beach Days

This past summer most of our beach days went a little like this, but first an intro for my love of the ocean…

I love going to the beach! I don’t mind the sand, the salty water, being in the sun all day, sunscreen, crowds of people etc. etc… Beach days are one of my favorite things about summer or any time of the year here in Southern Cali. I enjoy taking and sharing one of my favorite things to do with my girls and having them love it as much if not more than I do. Over the years since they were babies I have taken my girls on many day trips to the beach, it is fun to go through pictures and see just how long we have been going, its basically tradition. Some years we have made more trips than others and some years we were there almost weekly and if we were really lucky twice in a week.

This year my kids know how to swim great, they keep an eye for our spot on the beach when they are out in the ocean to not drift to far, they can mostly sunscreen themselves and play all day long. I can if I want to sit back, relax and enjoy it all on the shore for a bit, it is pretty great. We do enjoy jumping waves together, getting knocked down is pretty hilarious too, looking for seashells and sand crabs and attempting to build sand castles. Boogie boarding for my oldest has been a blast this year, and she is surprised by my tips to catch a wave and that they work…yes I know its surprising but I use to boogie board once upon a time…. This year has been by far one of the easiest and most fun we have all had together at the beach, the advantages of many trips and also of them growing up.

With all the fun there comes those moments too that happen that aren’t so fun, the ones that don’t get captured in pictures…. when you have a preteen with emotions all over the place, getting out the door isn’t always easy, this time kind of reminds me of the toddler temper tantrum days all over again, its as if I have given her the wrong sippy cup but this time with a towel or not being able to find the right flip flops, bathing suit to wear, or whatever it is that may upset her. I can’t say much right these days. I try to be cautious and it still fails most of the time. But its not like that every time, and I know the beach it solves everything so lets just get there! So we load up and get in the car listen or my reality now is I listen to my radio station and I have two girls plugged in with headphones either listening to their own music or watching a movie or youtube video, when did this happen!?!?! Anyways occasionally I play dj with my “fun” music they entertain the idea, and sometimes the girls will take turns playing dj and we listen and sing. It’s definitely different this year!

When we get to the beach moods change and everyone is relaxed having a great time, I don’t want to ever leave! My kids have always been able to make friends wherever they go and if we didn’t have our own friends with us they attract other kids and have a blast building and playing in the sand and ocean. My oldest could stay in the water all day if I’d let her and my youngest has a ton of fun on the shore line chasing the waves as they come and go, and digging in the sand. Makes for great times but when the sun starts to go down, it gets windy, we are cold and have eaten all the snacks and food brought….we are in desperate need for dry clothes and food! I know its time to go, so we leave the sand and ocean waves behind us, grab a good meal and maybe some ice cream, all is reset and right in the world and the giggles for my youngest who is usually the one to get “hangry” come back around. I know to expect even if I try and plan so that meltdowns don’t happen, the reality is that they do. We are human and get grumpy, my kids do too, and especially after a full fun in the sun kind of day its expected at some point but we talk through it and solve it, and each time it gets a little easier to handle. I’m not perfect by any means but I prep myself and try my best to make sure my kids and all our beach day needs are met in order to have a great day, the truth is someone at some point is going to get a little grumpy but those moments of the day don’t off set the fun day and memories made. We go home shower, sleep, wash towels and get ready to do it all over again another day soon because we love it so much!

**And of course each beach trip isn’t the same, some are easier, some harder, some more fun then others, and some much more exhausting, its never an exact science how our day will go, but memories made each time and that’s what I hope my girls will remember.

***Who else enjoys the beach as much as me!?

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