The Start of Something New…

My first blog in the history of ever, to be honest I am really excited! I have thought about this moment, this day, and me starting a blog, writing, putting my thoughts, memories, moments and mishaps in a place to share and look back on one day. Maybe no one will read it but some of my closest friends, my husband, or my family and I will be happy with that but would love to reach others too! So here I am starting my newest venture and hope you will follow along.

To start I will share a little about me, my name is Jill, I am currently 34 years old, I have been married for almost 13 years this September, I’ll let you do the math on that, we were young but one of the best decisions in my life, along with us having our two amazing and sassy sweet girls. Our youngest is now 8 almost 9 and our oldest just turned 12 years old. I have mostly been a stay at home mom getting to enjoy all that it comes with. Having been able to mostly be a stay at home mom is great, it does and has had its challenges but it definetly has its perks I wouldn’t change being able to be here for my kids as much as I have. With that said I have mostly been a stay at home mom, I have worked on and off over the years and am currently working in a restaurant as a server, I find myself coming back to this job mostly due to the flexibility aspect, also each day is different with new people to meet, plus I get to fit in exercise do to the fact you are walking or shall I say running around all shift. The server life allows me to work part time, be able to help out with finances, and still be home a lot for our girls.

Our girls are growing up so quick it seems, I love them so much. They have such a cool bond right now that I hope doesn’t change much in the future. They both have found interests in certain activities so that has been fun and full of surprises some good and some hard, life has it’s way of keeping you on your toes especially with kids! Also as most other kids probably do, mine crack me up daily with the things they say, whether it’s a random knock knock joke, or interesting way they view something, and then to explain in the most real way they make my day truly entertaining and I wish I would have written down all the randomness this far. They each have such awesome unique personalities and I love seeing who they are becoming. All my ideas to keep up and ways to not forget certain moments up to now got sidelined, although some moments more than others I won’t ever forget. I look forward to sharing more silly moments that come our way!

Fitness, exercise, and healthy eating, is big part of me and who I am. The gym is a home away from home for me, I don’t work out for hours and hours each day usually one to two is good a few days a week, whatever I can get it, something is better than nothing to me, my week just goes smoother when I get some workouts in, I think it is because its the time I set aside for myself and that makes a difference. Stress levels drop, overtime seeing muscle and strength changes, an overall feeling of well being.

I live mostly plant based in a household that is not, to be fair my changes have been fairly new over the course of six years or so, dairy was the first to go and surprisingly it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and then more recently needing to be gluten free, which has been the most challenging.

I love the beach, I would live there if I could, we don’t live too far from it so we make many day trips all year long. I have also learned a lot about hypothyrodism after being diagnosed 5 years ago, I will dive more into the part of my life that is hypothyroidism in a future blog. I am always trying to find a good balance with my family, my health, my friends, my life in general. Finally having balanced out the anxiety (on most days) helps, that I can now stand back and just see that everything will work out. I truly believe everything happens for a reason even if we don’t see it at the moment.

I am a pretty open book so I know this journey is going to be fun. Bits and pieces from this blog will make it’s way into future blogs as this is just the start of some of my thoughts, parts of my life, a glimpse at what is to come, I hope you will stick around!

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