The Happiest Place on Earth!

Yep! You guessed it we are heading to Disneyland!!! We have a special birthday girl to celebrate. We like to go somewhere and do something every other year or so when it comes to the kids birthdays. Katie is turning 9 and we have held on to some Disney gift cards for a while that get the girls into the park so what better time to go then now!

Disneyland here we come! We are all really excited to go, minus that it’s expensive as all get out but trying not to focus on that😂! We have been on a budget over the past couple years now and have really slowed down our spending and outings so this is exciting for us! Plus whole family fun time with Chris is a huge deal. The last time we went to Disneyland was around 7 years ago, right before our oldest Chloe started Kindergarten. Since we live somewhat close by to Disneyland for a few years before school started up for Chloe we use to have annual passes and I would take the girls pretty often. Katie was around 2 years old at the time so she remembers nothing of being at Disneyland other than the pictures she has seen of her being there, and Chloe was 5, so she remembers a little with her main memory being the time when Chris took her on the Tower of Terror and how scared she got and mad at him for taking her on that one. Most of the time our trips would be half day or so, it was rare to make an entire day out of it because the kids were so little and would still need naps and such and we could go back sooner then later. So this trip will be so different, going to go all day, I’m sure it will be exhausting but it will be worth it (I’m hoping) plus we can all go on all the rides!

We will be making a whole day out of it, squeezing as much Disney in that we can in one day. Getting there early before they open and staying all day, wish us luck! 🤞😜 We are going to go into California Adventure too. Looking forward to seeing the Cars Land which was under construction the last time we were there, and all the other changes that have been done. This time of year is also one of my favorite times to go with all the fall and Halloween decorations too. The girls have all kinds of Disney pins on their lanyards ready to go to see if anyone will trade with them, and I’m sure we are all looking forward to the dole pineapple whip at least I know I am its all the talk lately being that it’s a vegan treat at Disneyland, and hey a dairy free dessert is a win for me! Katelyn has a game plan with some rides she wants to go on. I am hoping it will all make for a fun day. We know very well how crowded and crazy it can be so we know we won’t get to tackle everything but we will make the most out of what we can do. Going to soak up this Disney day because who knows when we will have another!

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